Monday, September 8, 2014

Corrections to the Program Book Essay

For The Winkie Con 50 Program Book I wrote an article, “Guaranteed for a Thousand Years,” that covers the history of L. Frank Baum's 1913 musical The Tik-Tok Man of Oz from the earliest news reports in 1907 through rehearsals for Clockwork Productions's 2014 staging. The article appears on pages 113-72. It contains a number of errors. I've noted them below with corrections.

Frank F. Moore as the Shaggy Man and James C. Morton as Tik-Tok, 1913.

“Guaranteed for a Thousand Years” by Eric Shanower

Page 113, column two, line eight: for “1905” read “1906”

Page [114], column one, line sixteen: for “Del Coronado” read “del Coronado”

Page 115, line three: for “scenario--a” read “scenario—a”

Page 117, paragraph three, line six: for “1911” read “1910”

Page [121], line nineteen: for "hundred were assembled" read "hundred was assembled"

Page [123], line two: for "Fred C. Woodward" read "Fred Woodward"

Page [126], column one, line nineteen: for “tiger were added.” read “tiger were added—although a tiger appears in at least one photograph that seems to be from the earlier March 1913 rehearsal period.”

Page [127], caption, line three: for “reported in to consist” read “reported to consist”

Page [129], first caption, line two: for "comtemplates" read "contemplates"

Page [129], second caption, line three: for “Fies” read “Files”

Page 133, column one, line three: for "Fairyland Express" read "Fairyland Special"

Page [149], column one, lines nineteen and twenty: for “Mark Hartman” read “Brian De Lorenzo”

Page [150], column two, line twenty-five: for “Patricia Tobias” read “Richard Woitach”

Page [151], line twenty-five: for "fully-stage" read "fully-staged"

Page 153, column one, lines eleven and twelve: for “Sieze Her!, and supplementing it with musical themes from The Tik-Tok Man of Oz.” read “Sieze Her!”

Page 159, from the Dance Ensemble at the bottom of the page, eliminate: “Ana Mendoza”

Page 159, add to the cast list: “Pas de Deux – Alex Flores and Caley Hernandez”

Page 163, column two, lines seven and eight: for “composer--his first was Thomas Ince’s Civilization--and” read “composer—his first was Thomas Ince’s Civilization—and”

Page 166, column two, line two: for “Rogers” read “Rodgers”

Page [167], upper right caption, line two: for “Dunsmore” read “Dunsmure”

Page [167], column two, line four: for “Rogers” read “Rodgers”

Page 172, line fifteen: for "Hotel Del" read "Hotel del"

Page 172, line seventeen: for “1911” read “1910”

Eduard Cao as the Shaggy Man and Reggie Hutchins as Tik-Tok, 2014

Citation for the original article:
Shanower, Eric. "Guaranteed for a Thousand Years." The Winkie Con 50 Program Book. Ed. David Maxine. San Diego: Hungry Tiger Press, 2014. 113-172. Print.

Bottom photo copyright © 2014 Freddy Fogarty. All rights reserved.

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