Thursday, September 4, 2014

Tik-Tok Lives!

Finale Act I - Hank the Mule, Betsy, Polychrome, Queen Ann, Shaggy Man, Tik-Tok, Private Files, Ozma.
Clockwork Productions's presentation of The Tik-Tok Man of Oz performed on August 9, 2014, as the Saturday evening program of Winkie Con 50 at the Town and Country Hotel, 500 Hotel Circle North, San Diego, California, for an audience of about two hundred and fifty.

The Shaggy Man arrives in the Rose Kingdom, with Hank, Moss Rose, Jacque Rose, and Betsy.
Preparations continued up until the last moment—I was hanging mirror-ball fruit onto the metal forest trees for Act 2, Scene 2, just an hour before the performance began. The show was a triumph, due to the efforts of all involved. Appreciative comments from the audience afterward focused on the performance of ten-year-old Alyson Stein as the gymnastic Royal Gardener and on the beautiful voices of the principal singers—Tamara Rodriguez as Polychrome probably was mentioned most often. The audience took favorable notice of  Eduard Cao's comic timing as the Shaggy Man. Chris Boltz's lighting as well as Eric Shanower and David Maxine's costumes also garnered praise. Negative reaction was primarily reserved for L. Frank Baum's script.

Ruggedo and Polychrome.
Final credits for this production of The Tik-Tok Man of Oz:

Book and Lyrics by L. Frank Baum
Music composed by Louis F. Gottschalk
Additional songs by Oliver Morosco and Victor Schertzinger
Abridgement by Eric Shanower

Director - Chrissy Burns
Musical Director - Joseph Grienenberger
Lighting Designer - Christopher Boltz
Choreographer - Jennifer Solomon-Rubio
Set and Costume Designers - David Maxine and Eric Shanower 

Betsy Bobbin, from Oklahoma - Laura Bueno
Hank the Mule - Dillon Rendo
The Shaggy Man - Eduard Cao
Ozma, the Rose Princess - Kendra Truett
Polychrome, Daughter of the Rainbow - Tamara Rodriguez
Tik-Tok, the Clockwork Man - Reggie Hutchins
Queen Ann Soforth of Oogaboo - Amanda Everett
Private Files - Vander Turner
Ozma, the Rose Princess, and Private Files
Ruggedo, the Metal Monarch - Danny Ingersoll

Storm-at-Sea Betsy, Royal Gardener - Alyson Stein
Moss Rose - Sydney Kerl
Jacque Rose - Taylor Schwartz
The Ugly Man - Eric Shanower

Dance Ensemble - Taylor Hamilton, Caley Hernandez, Sydney Kerl, Sydney Rei, Taylor Schwartz, Alyson Stein, and Carmina Vasquez

Pas de Deux - Alex Flores and Caley Hernandez

Keyboard - Joseph Grienenberger
Trumpet - Michael Fowler
Drums and Percussion - Fred Allee
Double Bass - Rafael Estrada

Assistant Director and Assistant Stage Manager - Nikki Jacquot
Make-up - Taylor Schwartz
Wardrobe and Props - J’nae Rae Spano, Lauren Ladley, Karen Ladley, and Danielle Stein
Lighting Assistant - Jim Keller

Queen Ann commands.
Spotlight Operators - Stephanie Godoy and Meredith O’Gwynn
Sound Engineer - John Volk
Videographers - Bob Bates, Marilyn Bates

Polychrome’s dress constructed by Claudia La Rue
Tik-Tok’s clockwork chestplate constructed by David Maxine

Additional costume, prop, and set construction - David Kelleher, Reggie Hutchins, Claudia La Rue, Tina Fellows, Amanda Everett, Eduard Cao, Joe Phillips, Sandy Firestone, Lauren Ladley, Karen Ladley, Freddy Fogarty, Danny Ingersoll, Ted Abenheim, Joseph Fombon, and Rebecca Klein

House Manager - Chris Fowler
Ushers -  Robyn Segel Shifren, Laurie Painter McGuerty, and Rich Snyder

I'd also like to thank: Infinity Dance Arts, 1075 Broadway, El Cajon, California, for generously donating audition and rehearsal space and loaning some costumes and props; Ellen Joy Weber, Candice Hooper, and Christian Esquevin of the Coronado Public Library in Coronado, California, for loaning a prop; Freddy Fogarty for giving permission to publish his photos, for which he reserves all rights, on this post; and all donors who are listed here.

Curtain Call.

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